Friday, 4 January 2013

Crystal Haze | Jean & The Plasticine Machine

Crystal Haze & A Life Without is a 2-part pop-rock opera Jean & The Plasticine Machine - These works will take you on a musical roller coaster, with the songwriting rule book torn up, re-written, then torn up again and tossed through the window...

Musical Influences
Floyd | T-Rex | Beatles | Rolling Stones | The Who | King Crimson

Literary Influences
Hunter S Thompson | Bruce Robinson

Recorded on  MacBook except 6,7,16 & 17 recorded at The Gunnery Singapore by Bhatt, France & Rosen

Daddy's Little Secret (iPod mix)

Seven candles on her cake
A sharp intake of breath
For her birthday she received
A present to forget

Daddy's Little Secret
Who knows what she'll open next?
Four and twenty blackbirds
Or a cuckoo in the nest

Sitting in an empty room
She builds a Wishing Well
Climbing down her plastic rope
Deep into herself

Daddy's Little Secret
That her Mother will not tell
Into darkness falls her soul
Escaping from this hell

Far beneath her bedroom floor
Deep inside her well
Hand-in-hand with her machine
A plan that she could sell:

Daddy's Little Secret
That her Mother knows full well
Around their necks her plastic rope
Will send them both to hell

Crystal Haze (Bhatt/France) Performed by Richard & Irvin backing
Daddy's Little Secret (Bhatt/France) Performed by Irvin
Schizophreen (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Come On Without, Come On Within (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Say Hello (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Sugar & Poison (Bhatt/France) Performed by Richard & Irvin backing
Magic Cane (Bhatt/France) Performed by Richard & Irvin backing
Shake It Like That (Bhatt/France) Performed by Irvin
Shooting Star (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Detached (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Intermission (Bhatt)
Critical Silence (Bhatt)
Shine (Bhatt)
The Plasticine Machine (Bhatt/France) Performed by Irvin & Richard
Shout It Out (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Sunshine (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Don't Walk On By (Bhatt/France) Performed byRichard
My Ordinary Complicated Life (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Convalesce (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
A Life Without (Bhatt) Performed by Irvin
Exit (Bhatt)

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